Transformation Through Education

About Our Students

At OSS, students have opportunities to build and maintain healthy relationships. By participating in more positive academic and leisure activities, students are less likely to engage in risky behaviors and are more likely to thrive in all area of their lives. Community service-learning, family nights, Venture Crew, and sports are some of the opportunities in which OSS students can engage and grow personally.

Service Learning

Service learning actively engages students in meaningful and personally relevant service activities. Students will work with their instructors to design and implement service projects throughout the Omaha community. Academic studies, life skills, numeracy and literacy skills are integrated into each service activity which introduces and enhances personal developmental assets.

Family Nights

Research shows that students are more successful academically when positive communication exists between families and the school environment. OSS and community partners collaborate with students to plan special evenings and activities throughout the year to engage families in positive school support. Family nights include dinner and fun activities for all ages.