Transformation Through Education

Our School Model

Being an alternative school, OSS has created an alternative structure to the school day in order for our students to experience ultimate success.  These are the three key features of our model. 

* Homeroom --- Students spend 2.5 hours per day with their homeroom instructor. This extended amount of time allows students to build a positive, supportive relationship with their instructor and peers within the classroom setting. During the homeroom time, students build on basic literacy and life skills while also spending time completing their online course work. Instructors are the main point person for the student, their families and other supporters the student may have in their life. Instructors are also in charge of creating a Student Learning Plan (SLP) for each homeroom student. The SLP is a collaborative process between the student, instructor, OSS and community where goals are created and pursued within each OSS pillar. 

* Electives --- The elective time period of the OSS schedule allows students to explore a variety of areas of life, personal/social development, vocational skills, and spiritual development. For example, Mondays allow the boys and girls to gather separately for Fatherhood Class and Girl's Group. Tuesdays through Thursdays students are plugged into a class that fits personal interests and/or credit needs. Class options can include: Marketing, PE, Art, and Computer Technology. On Fridays, all students gather together for Bible Study.

* Core Classes --- The rest of the school day is spent in traditional/core classes: English, Math, Science and Social Studies. These classrooms typically are of smaller size, allowing students to receive the necessary help in order to be successful. Instructors tailor classroom content to student strengths and interest, as they deliver standard-based instruction.