Transformation Through Education

Why We Exist

The Omaha Street School is an alternative high school for students who have not found success in a traditional school setting. Often this the last chance for at-risk students to receive a high school diploma.

There is a generation of at-risk teenagers who deserve the chance to break the cycle of trauma and generational poverty to become productive, responsible adults. Everything Omaha Street School does revolves around the students and challenges the status quo.  We believe in thinking differently about these future adults. 

Even though these high school students have not been successful in traditional education settings and are often rejected by their own families, OSS envelops students in tabula rasa - giving them a fresh start and a clean slate.  

To enhance student opportunities, individualized learning through small classes and mentoring are critical to student success.  Since traumatic backgrounds are prevalent at Omaha Street School, mental health programs are essential for student progress.  To expand a student’s world and help them dream of a better future, leadership, independent living, and vocations are explored. 

Everything we do at OSS is wrapped in faith and the belief that each teen has value and a purpose in this life.